Iran in Comparisons

I made a vast search about many different categories ranking of countries around the world.

The data is totally collected from valid & scientific websites of different organizations.

After all Iran stands somewhere in the middle of the world by its performance in all categories here, at the ranking of 81 !!!

It's Interesting to see how other countries are doing, you can surf by yourself & find out:

Environmental Performance: 1st Switzerland

Iran 67

International tourist arrivals:1st France

Iran 117

World Health Organization's ranking: 1st France

Iran 93

PPP (Purchase Power Per ca pita): 1st Luxembourg

Iran 59

Olympic Performance(Sport): 1st China

Iran 50

Literacy : 1st Cuba

Iran 113

Population Happiness : 1st Switzerland

Iran 95

Greenest Countries (Greenery per ca pita ) : 1st Finland

Iran 83

Democracy: 1st Finland

Iran 138

Publications: 1st USA

Iran 38

Internet users: 1st China

Iran 17

Life expectancy: 1st Macao

Iran 132

Cigarette consumption (Per ca pita): 1st Greece

Iran 67

Poverty: 1st Chad & ...

Iran 103

Corruption: 1st Finland


Death Rate: 1st Swaziland

Iran 152

Iran Average Rank:



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* The World Factbook

* World Health Organization

* World Country Rankings

Little Prince & Memories

Anywhere, Anytime there is a phrase of that little story of the "Little Prince" my minds goes around a lot of memories. I don't know what's exactly the nostalgia feeling problem of some people like me. I enjoy being immersed in good memories.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye."
Little Prince - Saint Exupery

Your Income & Where You stand in the World!!!

I heard somewhere that about 500,000,000 People in the world are almost homeless & poor. I don't think its wrong. On the other hand I know almost 15% of the world population are enjoying more than 90% of money & sources in the world. These statistics are absolutely true & shocking in my opinion. Who's really doing something serious about it?

I don't like the ideas of socialism and/or Communism and/or ... any other political/social activities. By this I mean what real practical, conclusive act has been made?! I know nothing serious is undergoing about this.

one more point :



Check this website , here you can see in this world in which you may feel you don't have enough money to spend on fancy stuff , where do you stand?

Challenges of a New Country, New Plan

Coming to a new country with some intentions & plans, however the plan goes totally in a new direction and you find yourself lost in different ideas & plans! This happened to me!

Malaysia is a great country with many positive facts for me & my wife, though staying a little confused maybe difficult, specially within the first years of marriage. Thanks to life that we are doing great between ourselves, however we were lost in ideas for a long time.

Recently an idea of establishing a new magazine was suggested by a friend of mine & at this time we are working on it. It's almost more than two weeks that we are only doing market researches & market evaluation with different points of views and try to be as innovative as we can.

I can not reveal the idea behind this magazine at this time, since it's still not published and the idea is almost unique. (at least in Malaysia) We must go through a long path of publishing permit and bureaucratic procedures of Malaysia. I hope this one works.
I will let you know about the first issue of our magazine as soon as its out.

A Great Website for Family Lovers

I have used a website, I would like to share with you. It's sort of fun & something almost valuable too. Some of you may have used it before, but am sure it's not yet too popular.

The website is about creating your family tree. You can add yourself & your spouse maybe, then your parents & siblings & so on. The tree will grow as much as you want & as much as you personally have information about your relatives & their names & ...!

Sometimes after a while when you invite other people around you toy, & they do the same, you may find out that some people around you, are your relatives & you never knew. Yes! Still in this huge world , things like this is possible. A friend of mine, didn't know that their grand grand father had two wives and he had got some other grand children with the same surname.
So , Test It :

It's good to lose sometimes!

How many times have you faced a person who can not bear losing a game or such? Games are developed for entertainment from chess & backgammon, to video games and even sports. They are all some sort of mankind creation to develop some sort of skills in an individual while having fun & spending time without stress & pressure. Although some of their concepts have been changed through time like most of the sports like: Football, Basketball & ... They have been professionalized and became some sort of career for those who play them, still most of them are considered as fun.

But have you ever confront with a person that can not bear losing a game? Some people only must win, otherwise they become mad & act like a fool, very angry. Playing cards & at the end shouting and throwing the cards! Playing computer games & at the end shutting down the final moments of the game!!! I wonder how some people have not developed this simple trait in their character, to see others can win too!

In my opinion its usually driving from family & how these people have been treated from childhood. Parents usually want to be proud of their kids & try to keep them always happy!
They have not tried to show their children, that it's always possible to lose as well, that losing is part of life and maybe the first steps to learn more. That's how always these children must win to stay happy; Otherwise they don't know how to respond to the society.

what do you think?
what may be the source of this actions & behavior?

The November 4th in Iran ... From 1980 to 2009

It was November 4th 1980 when some groups of Iranian Students by the order of some political leaders & hardliners invaded the American embassy in Tehran & captured its employees as hostages, since then Islamic Republic of Iran had no direct political relationships with America & there was no embassy of USA in Tehran, nor embassy of Iran in USA.

It's been said that many politicians did not agree with such invasion to the US embassy however no one directly claimed this idea since it had been supported by "Ayatollah Khomeini" as the leader of the country on that time.

This is November 4th 2009. This is almost 5 months after Iran's questionable election which leaded to second term presidency of Mahmud Ahmadinejad. Each year the government celebrates 4th of November as a day of "getting rid of America" anniversary & so called as "Student Day" in Iran. However this time students have something different in their path. In continuation of the "Green Movement" & in support of all prisoners of these past few months, In Support of Democracy & for the sake of a better future, they plan to make this day as "Green" as possible. The government of Iran is getting worried and started to spread fearful notices in order to avoid any demonstration, However they are going to be wasted.

Tomorrow, Tehran will be green again & I've heard that tonight people are chanting on rooftops the songs & slogans that they sing every night when they want to show their solidarity, when ever they want to say: WE ARE STILL HERE!