Poker in Casino Genting

I’m not a gambler nor a casino lover or anything like this However I like to play poker. Gambling is absolutely illegal in Malaysia except one specific spot called: “Genting Casino”

Genting Casino is located on hills with a distance of about 1 hour driving from Kuala Lumpur & perhaps there were only a pressure from Chinese Malaysians and as a tourist attraction that Malaysia has this place; Like in Dubai which basically there is no casino in Dubai but there are some specific spots for very rich individuals who can play.

Genting has got many other attractions rather than casinos, like: Theme parks, shopping malls, hotels, Skyway (Cable Car) & ... They have estimated that each year almost 19 million people visit Genting Highland.

This weekened, there is poker tournament in Genting Casino & am on it. So, wish me luck!

A Story to Think Again

A Short Story Like This:

In a train , a young couple were in the same cabin with an old man & his son who was about 30 years old.
After a while the son looked out & told his old father: Dad! Dad! Look out! As we are moving in the train, everything out side is moving too! The trees , the clouds, the roads ... wow! It's Fascinating!

The couple looked at him with shock!

A few minutes later, the son opened the window of cabin & took his hand out. It was raining! He said: Look Dad! Now its raining! It feels so wonderful when you take your hand out here!

The couple were feeling so pity about this guy who was acting like a 5 years old child. They told the old man: Why don't you take your son to a psychologist or a physician anyway?

The old man said: We are just coming back from visiting a physician! My son can see now after 30 years of his life! he had a surgery on his eyes!

Inglourious Basterds ... Great as Expected!

Tonight I found out the movie is on the show here in Malaysia. No waiting & I bought two tickets online & made it for 11:30 pm to the cinema.
In my opinion it was Quentin Tarantino's best movie after Pulp Fiction. I liked it more than Kill Bill, However am sure many will not agree.
As for always there a few scenes of blood and deep violence which made my wife not to look at it! So, ladies must be prepared!

Brad Pitt made a good appearance although it wasn't one of his movies that much and he didn't have that much of opportunity to be "the star".

I rated it 8/10 in my IMDB account!
A must see for all Tarantino's lovers , Suggested for all movie lovers and good to see for those who seek a bit of differentiation in films.

McDonald Varies !

Within the past two years am living in Malaysia, I have noticed that McDonald is really different in every country. Although here in Malaysia its O.K but I remember Cyprus McDonald was much better in quality & more expensive of course.

McDonald have a system of localizing at least one food in every country in its menu. Here in Malaysia they call it "Ayam Goreng" & its really something out of McDonald Specialty because its not a burger, its chicken piece & its more like KFC stuff, anyway people buy it a lot here.
By the time I was in Cyprus, they had something called Greek Big Mac & it was Big Mac wrapped in pita bread!
I checked some other countries McDonald webiste & I found out every ever is having something special. Like in Turkey they had something strange in menu: Kofteh Burger! Kofteh was a totally different food from Turkey, How it may come in Burger??? How does it taste? I don't know?

In Japan , they had something like schenitzel chicken piece. I checked China, Argentina, Greece & ... It's interesting to see how different people of the world are being treated by McDOnald.

Animal Farm - George Orwell (Download)

I just read the book "Animal Farm" By George Orwell.

If you are also interested to read this one , you can download it from here:
Animal Farm - English Version - George Orwell

Fun Theory

I saw some videos on a very interesting subject by a team who call themselves : The Fun Theory
here is their website &
watch it here , its awesome:

Google Search Stuff ! Interesting , let's share!

We all search Google for something , sometimes!!!
what we search is being recorded & then it will be counted up & ...
I don't want to talk about how it works. I wanna talk about the interesting offers that sometimes Google search engine offers and some of them are really funny or at least interesting to notice ... I got some of the samples by a software which captures the screen image & put them here for sharing with you. Let's have a look at the pictures and see what we get :
1. the first image is searching "How to " & then it tells me the most famous one is "How to make love"!!!! Really? Does this means people don't know how to make love & then searched it over the net or does this means some people made titles out of it a lot?
& then "How to get pregnant"!!! Perhaps the same people who didn't know how to make love , now wanted to know how to be pregnant as well !? or even "How to Kiss?" what can I say?

2.The second one was "What is" !!!
it was not so freaky as the previous one, though some of them are so stupid like "what is internet?" or "what is computer?" Please!

3. This one was like people are having a counseling session.
They are asking about "Should I quit my job / break up/ change job/ or even break up with BF?"
there is also about confessions in church !!!!!!!!!

4. "Who is" ... some of them are natural ... but "who is God" "Who is Jesus" ... great! :)

5. and then for me it was good to search a name which I don't know like "Ahmadinejad"!!!
& then there was his wife & his house & again about he being Jewish & all stuff! :))

6. Then I said let's see this person which I don't know , what has done! so it goes like "Did Ahmadinejad..." and here it goes: the holocaust/ really win/ cheat/ call for destruction of Israel
it's amazing! :)

7. these coming two can reveal some secret about how girls & boys usually search over internet!!! Funny! "Does he"
Does He love me/ like me/ like you/ love you/ have a crush on me?

then the number it offers about does he like me is about 273,000,000

8. & Now "Does She" ... the same stuff like the previous one
but then the number of
Does she like me is 130,000,000
It seems it's much less important for men over the internet to find if she really likes them !!!

9. Then it comes to my country:Iran !
"Is Iran"
oh my god ... some people don't know anything !
"in Asia/a democracy/ Arab country/ middle east/ safe/ ... ohhh! let me cry!

10. The Final one is funny still... searched for "is it ok"
someone wants to wear block for wedding & he comes to internet to solve his dilemma!

another person wants to run everyday! :))
let internet tell him what to do!

oh , another person wants to wear white this time for the wedding! oh my god!

am really laughing when I'm typing these stuff now!
By the way, the search criteria and results vary in different locations and different computers perhaps. see what else you can find & share it here !
it maybe a really interesting subject for a research!

Blog Traffic ? More? Increase?

I was about to find out how can I add more traffic to my blog & have more readers since I was so new with this blog. So, its about a few days am searching different feeds & different subscriptions & ... which most of them don't work properly & then I read many articles about this fact.

I share the best of them here. If you really are looking to increase your blog traffic , aside from all these websites I offer you to read, keep in mind the most important fact:

This is the most important part of it!
You can't just write a post a day or two & then wait for visitors to come! you should act continuously.

So , here are the sites:

10 Ways to Improve Blog Traffic in 30 Minutes or Less

15 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

& the last website which may help more about this !

Psychology & Islam ... Science & Islam ... Islamization!!!

The whole idea of this post has come from visiting another blog and reading a post about a book on Personality & Islamic ideas.
I remember my high school years in Tehran. Of course we had Classes of Religion(which was Islam) & Quran. Aisde from these we had another course called ethics, but was totally islamic thoughts. Our History lessons were mostly about Islam & Islam history and ... Geography class was also a session to somehow revise the world of islam and the people of it. We also had sociology which was a great opportunity to teach us more of Islam. Literature was full islamic ideas & Muslim poets & writers & their thoughts & believes. We were wondering it will be some time that perhaps there will be some other aspects of Islam in math & physics & chemistry although where ever there was something just a little related to Islam in these subjects , there was no skip; like when we were about to read about "alcohol" & we know that its Explorer was Razi & he was muslim too, sure we must knew that he was a good muslim & he prayed every day and went to mosque & he never intended to find out alcohol for drinking & he knew its gonna be "non- halal" in islam & ... so this was also about even chemistry.

Today in all universities in Iran, there are also interesting topics & subjects which are Islamic. Humanity science is totally broken in to Islam, over there. It's like all these science were born with Islam. they pretend that all these topics have nothing to offer if they have not been Islamized.

Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology are the main fields where islamic thoughts have interferred seriousely. The reason is obviously a fear. A fear that deep inside every religion nowadays lives.
A fear of losing the competition to science.

I hear from friends in Iran, when they go to counseling sessions with graduates of Iran's universities in counseling fields; most of my friends are disappointed by the way these graduates treat them & look at their problems. Family problems, Marriage issues, Addiction, Stress, Depression or what ever you may call many problems may have something to do with one individual's belief system however who said that this belief system must oblige from any specific religion. Does this sort of categorizing means that all those people with great believes in religion never face any life issues or problems?

You say please ! what do you think?

Chavez, Obama & the IQ Test

A friend of mine sent me an email about some sort of joke about Chavez, Obama & ... it was in Persian language and I had to translate it because I thought these sort of stuff are only made up in Iranian culture and I was sure about it that it was made by Iranian. I try my best to see how strong could I convey the meaning of this:

One Day, Chavez decided to give a visit to America & went to white house meeting president Obama. As he arrived to America, he was fascinated by the country and its social welfare, disciplines, arrangements & all sort of formations However he tried not to feature his thoughts.
He said to Obama: Down with America! But what have you done that your country and systems are this much organized and everything is working out?

Obama Said: See dear Chavez! Here when we want to choose people as ministers,assistants, commanders or deputies or ... we choose them carefully and even we take some tests like an IQ test; Not just like you anyone we like.
Wow! Said Chavez. How do you do it so?
Obama: I'll call Hillary now and you can see.

After a while Hillary was there, ready for the test by Obama.
Obama: Ok Hillary! Tell me who is the person born by your parents but it's not your sibling?
Chavez was a bit confused for the answer.
Hillary smiled: Me!

Chavez was shocked and surprised and so happy about the method he just learned. He got back to Venezuela and called his Nicolas Maduro immediately. Chavez was so angry about him and complained all about the foreign relations and all the stuff he knew. Then he said: I'll ask you a question! It's like a test for you. You'll have one day to answer it, though I should only give you an hour to think about it.
Maduro was scared to death and he was waiting for the question so terribly.
Chavez: Tell me who is the person born by your parents but it's not your sibling?
Maduro blinked and left Chavez office with no answer while he only had a day to answer the question. Nothing came to his mind and finally he called the retired Kalin and begged for the answer: Kalin! Please tell me who is the person born by your parents but it's not your sibling?
Kalin said with calmness: It's f***ing clear! It's me! Maduro had been refreshed. He was so happy & went back to Chavez with the answer.
Chavez: Alright! Tell me! You got the answer, so tell me who is the person born by your parents but it's not your sibling?
Maduro: Kalin!
Chavez: Oh! No Stupid! No muddle-headed fool! It's Hillary! Hillary Clinton!

"Free Iran" Photo in FC Barcelona Stadium

This was so shocking to see even Spain residents (perhaps Iranian in Spain) have gone this far.
In the picture below which is a recent photo from "Camp Nou" Stadium of FC Barcelona you can find an interesting figure of : "FREE IRAN"

The Eights Day

Sometimes I wish was George. (Try to pronounce George in French Accent) By this George I mean the character in the Movie “Le huitième jour” (The Eights Day). Its a French movie from the director "Jaco Van Dormael" who made this movie in 1996 & after that didn’t actually directed any other movie until this year.

I remember I watched it around 1998 for the first time and it was a wonderful night, the night I watched it for the first time. I was about 18 years. Years have gone now and I decided to watch it again, this time with my wife and a few friends. It was still amazing, still heart shaking and very impressive. I can’t believe how life could be simple and fun. I can’t believe how mankind has made it so difficult to live and this much complicated. When you watch George that he is so happy with a few songs that he knows and when you see this guy who will simply express his feelings to anyone he likes... Its awesome!

Try to find it and watch. It will really be one of your favorite movies all time because this is a different movie.
The story he has about how God has created the stuff within 7 days and what happened in the 8th day is sure the best quote of this movie. It's fascinating

A Billion for a Billion

I was looking in internet about the new animation movie: "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!"

Since I watched the movie "Up" lately in the 3D Cinema, I had seen this one's add before. So, I came up to a website which somehow was interesting to share here and good to know about the idea of "cloudy with a chance of meatballs"!
Anyway just to tell you it had nothing to do with the actual movie.

This is the website, you can click and go watch it by yourself.
But here you can watch this video before you go there:

You can make donations to them or you can even support them by adding their logo to your blog. I couldn't do it as I tried. It kept repeating error & error! Maybe you can help me with this?!

Malaysian Fruits and its variation

Here in Malaysia, You can easily find a lot of various fruits that you may have seen rarely in other countries or you have not seen or heard about at all. Fruits like Durian, Mangosteen, Jackfruit, Guava & Papaya. Since am not a fruit type of person I don’t really enjoy eating any of them however my wife is an absolute fan. One of the reasons she can’t think of any other country for living is Malaysian fruits!
About Durian I should tell you its got a very bad smell and I can not even pass by its counters by less than five meters distance. Even my wife could not eat it, but my friends here usually tell me that its taste is totally different than its smell and its a delicious and addictive fruit!

Jackfruit, Mangosteen & Guava, I like them but when it reach to Papaya , again its not possible to eat too much of it because it’s got no taste. I tell you something so you can enjoy the most of Papaya! Its almost a secret & we found it out by chance. Lime juice! Add some lemon juice to it & its gonna be great and tasty!

Papayas have two important figures which we have to eat it here. First is that Papayas have the most amount of Vitamin C among all these fruits. Its got ten times more vitamin C than orange. The second reason is helping digestion process which sometimes becomes a problem in Malaysia because of eating lots of spicy foods!

Short but very experessive!

Another Video which captured my attention!
Short, but Expressive!

The Story of Human Rights?

Well, I found an interesting video clip about "Human Rights" and shared it here.
While taking a look at its comments in YouTube, found many irrelevant comments which may not seem that irrelevant. Iranian were angry about not mentioning the origin of Cyrus the Great as always they are so sensitive about these sort of matters. remember the movie 300 or the Persian/Arabian Gulf fight in Google?

Other people have also commented that none of other individuals in this video have been mentioned by their nationality which is totally true. Actually the point of this video has absolutely nothing to do with nationalities and countries and/or boundaries which have led to all these types of prejudice and discrimination. Exactly this was the point! Creating all these boundaries by mankind from the beginning of its kingdom was to provide tools and means for dictators to move on easier, even sometimes with the support of some population who have been fooled by them.
Let's take a look at the video and let me know what you think: