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Amazing Masterpieces of Glass

When "Shayna Leib" was seven years old, she saw glassblowing for the first time at a local university. She has not been the same since.
She explains:
I began my study of glass as an undergraduate at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California where I received a BA in philosophy and minors in glass and literature. Accepted to pursue a PhD in philosophy at SUNY Binghamton, I chose instead to study glass at the graduate level and move to Madison, Wisconsin where I completed my MFA degree in May of 2003.
My work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has included exploration into the vessel and sculptural object. I use glass, not for its mimetic quality to capture the look of stone or plastic, but for its most unique properties; the inclination to flow, the capacity to freeze a moment in time, and its ability to manipulate optics.

Meet Mr. Toilet

For those without access to a simple toilet, poop can be poison. Businessman-turned-sanitation-superhero Jack Sim fights this oft-neglected crisis affecting 2.6 billion people...